Simple Math Problems For Kids That Are Beyond Some Adults. Can You Solve Them?

Date February 11, 2019

Many people abandon mathematics as soon as they finish school. Big mistake! Because solving simple mathematical problems improves logic and short-term memory, which are also needed in solving real-life problems. Try solving these equations and prove that you can beat a 4th grader in math! After solving an equation, click on the picture to check yourself. Don't hurry, take all the time you need!

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What is the right answer?

Name the correct solution

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What is the answer?

Do you know the answer?

Can you solve this one?

Name the correct answer

How about this last one?

You may feel that these simple mathematical problems have warmed up your short-term memory and fired up a few rusty neural connections. Your brain will thank you! How many correct answers did you give? Are you satisfied with your result? Tell us in the comments, while we put your mark in your school diary!

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