4 Not-So-Obvious Areas That Give Away A Woman’s True Age

Date February 14, 2019

After reaching a certain age, most women start worrying about preserving their young looks.

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Today, there are many ways to ‘erase’ a couple of extra years, such as well-chosen makeup, a stylish haircut, slimming underwear, or facial massage. However, there are areas which we tend to overlook. And that is a big mistake!

What parts of the body do we need to pay more attention to in order to look young and vibrant?

4 not-so-obvious areas that indicate a woman’s age

1. The tip of the nose

4 Not-So-Obvious Areas That Give Away A Woman’s True AgeAsier Romero /

Few people know that the nose keeps growing as we age. You could notice that older people have larger noses than youngsters.

You are unlikely to succeed in preventing the tip of your nose from growing or even slowing down this process at home. However, today there are a number of beauty procedures aimed at correcting facial and body features.

2. Knees

4 Not-So-Obvious Areas That Give Away A Woman’s True AgeAfrica Studio /

With age, this zone begins to change, and not for the better. Due to the constant movement and tension, the skin of the knees gradually sags. A properly selected set of exercises can help to keep it in good shape. In addition, don’t forget to massage your knees with a sponge, stimulating blood circulation, and apply moisturizers.

3. Earlobes

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Like the nose cartilage, the ears also grow in size with age. Mainly due to gravity. Wearing earrings also contributes to the sagging of the earlobes. Bulky jewelry stretches them out and adds wrinkles. This deformation can be corrected only through aesthetic surgery.

4. Elbows

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Similarly to the knees, the skin on the elbows stretches due to constant movement. Elbows need moisturizing as much as the face. Make it a habit to apply a nourishing cream on the skin of this area after every shower or bath.

Even though many more areas of the body are affected by age-related changes, we don’t advise you to spend all your time in beauty clinics. With simple beauty routines, you will feel more confident and be able to look younger than your real age.

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