Chris Pratt Recalls His Complicated Relationship With Father Dan, Who Had Multiple Sclerosis For Years

Date February 11, 2019 13:30

Later in life, parents eventually become a part of who we are. Many celebrities also tell the same tale. The one in the spotlight now is Christ Pratt. His father influenced him greatly, but in a complex way.


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The Avengers star came from a humble family background. His father, Daniel Clifton, used to work in mining houses, while his mother, Kathleen Louise, served at the local Subway market. He is the youngest child followed by two older siblings, Angie and Cully. Apparently, Chris had no former Hollywood affiliation whatsoever, and his accomplishments are truly organic.


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Complicated relationship with his father

In the GQ magazine's cover story, Chris Pratt opened up about the complex relationship he had with his father Dan, who struggled with multiple sclerosis for many years. Chris was in New Orleans when he heard the news of his father's demise in 2014. There, he was filming the movie Jurassic World, which became his ultimate ladder to success. That time was rough for him, though!

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When the disease hit him, Dan was ill-equipped to deal with it. He was a stubborn man, who refused to show weakness and eventually, suffered more because of it. His proud son optimistically narrated how it affected him, saying:

Part of us appreciates that he made us tough, you know, through sort of emotional scarification. Just an old school kind of dad. 

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He is very close to his mom 

Chris has a special place in his heart for mother, Kathy. He often dedicates Instagram posts to her and expresses how much he loves her. When it comes to his mom, Chris has only kind, compassionate, and praising words. The mother-son also share the same charming smile. The channeling is strong!


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Both parents left a unique mark on Chris' life. One gave him the strength to charge ahead, while the other taught him sensitivity and endurance. Share this and let us know how your guardians have made you better!

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