Devastating Health Update: Beth Chapman Looks Skinny & Weak After Stopping Her Chemotherapy Treatment

Date May 16, 2019

Everyone's been praying for Beth Chapman ever since the news of her recurring cancer broke out. She's remained strong and collected during her health battle. But, now the scales are inevitably sliding to one side to determine her fate. Unfortunately, the apparent odds are not so good for her.


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Duane's beloved wife had recently given a moving speech at the Source Church in Bradenton, Florida. She mentioned how she now intends to end her chemotherapy. Beth believes it to be the ultimate test of faith. If she made it through, she will rejoice the fruit of patience. If she didn't she wouldn't mind taking the hit for everyone else.


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She doesn't look the same

The intense treatments have deteriorated Beth's physical state. Her body is reacting to the toll it is taking and it is very devastating to look at. Chapman hides the lost hair patches with a wig and her pain with a huge smile. On International Mother Day, she posed beside her son and shared that happy moment with her admirers.


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Beth's eyes were glistering with hope but, her appearance was shocking. She isn't a tall and broad lady anymore. Sadly, the Bounty hunter star is now pale, thin and weak. Her weight-loss is just so dramatic that we can't help but, get sad about it.


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People still hope the best for her


I don't believe Beth is gonna pass away no way she's to strong and to beautiful god bless you Beth


Great picture of you two. Laughter is the best medicine. So happy for your blessed mother's day weekend! You rock ♥️


Beth ur so beautiful may God bless you and strengthen you every day !!


Keep fighting Beth! Love you both! 🙏🏻

Prayers are up for the bold and beautiful Beth. She's already beat cancer once, she can do it again. Miracles happen every day. Share this and send your regards to her.