10 Great Uses Of Baking Soda That Has Nothing To Do With Baking

Date November 6, 2017

You must have come across a number of cleaning or home-keeping lifehacks that requires the use of baking soda. This product is known to be more than just a regular baking ingredient due to the fact that it's an effective abrasive and a useful natural deodorizer. So, not only does it keep your home sparkling clean, it also gets rid of unwanted odours.

In case you are not sure what cleaning-related problems can be solved using baking soda, here are 20 of the most common ones.

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1. Greasy dishes and pans

Sometimes, dishwashing liquid alone is not strong enough to get rid of stubborn grease stains in pots and pans. To turbocharge the washing process, soak the plates in hot water, and sprinkle some baking soda in addition to your soap. After a while, use a scrub sponge to get the stains off.

2. Kitchen surfaces

Use some baking soda mixed with water to clean countertops, sinks, microwaves and cooking utensils.

3. Fruits and vegetable

Baking soda is a great ingredient for removing dirt and waxy coating from store-bought fruits and veggies.

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4. Refridgerator odour

Since it serves as an effective way to get rid of unpleasant odours, baking soda can be used to clean out your refrigerator especially after certain types of foods, like fish, are stinking up the place.

5. Clean plastic container

Getting grease and tough stains off plastic containers is not so easy. However, baking soda can help with this. Sprinkle some baking soda on a clean sponge and then wipe the containers. Or soak four tablespoons of baking soda in a quart of warm water and then use the solution to do the cleaning,

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6. Crayon-covered walls

Is the kid getting a little bit crazy with the wall decor? No need to fret. Add some baking soda to a damp sponge and get off the crayon stains from the wall.

7. Get rid of funky smell from upholstery

Sprinkle the surfaces with baking soda. After 15 minutes use a vacuum to clean up.

8. Clean kitchen sponges

If your sponges are starting to smell a little funky, you can soak them in a mixture of baking soda and water to revive them.

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9. Bathroom

Sprinkle some baking soda on a damp sponge and use to scrub the tub, tile, sink and shower curtain. This will get rid of the mildew and leave you with sparkling surfaces.

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10. For laundry

You can sprinkle a cup of baking soda into one load of laundry and your whites and colours will come out even brighter.

For more great uses for baking soda around the house, watch the video below.

To have a clean, fresh-smelling home, baking soda can be your best cleaning ingredient. It is readily available and you will get so much value from it. So, stock up on those and put them to use when you need them.

Source: GoodHousekeeping