The 'Surgeons Knot' Is A Shoelace Hack That Prevents The Laces From Coming Untied

Date November 1, 2017 18:41

Granted, it's not just kids that have to deal with their shoelaces coming undone. Adults have also experienced this annoying situation at one point or another. Taking a couple of seconds from your busy day to retie your laces can be irksome. But because kids are usually more active, they are also more likely to suffer from constant untied laces.

But it turns out that there's a pretty awesome way to make sure your shoelaces stay tied all day. For what is called the 'Surgeon's Knot,' all you would need is a lip balm, and the shoelaces, of course.

TODAY / YouTube

This simple hack will no doubt change the way you tie your shoes. A lot of people have shared that it worked for them and if you hate dealing with untied laces at inopportune moments, perhaps when carrying a bag of groceries in each hand, then you might want to give this a try.

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So, here's how it works. You start lacing your shoes as you normally would by bringing the left lace over and through the right. But at this point, you will need something that offers the strongest hold and that's where the lip balm comes in. It's like creating your own version of wax laces.

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Coat the starting lace with a little bit of lip balm before creating a loop and pull the lace through as usual. Before you tighten it, loop that same side around again to ensure it stays put. Then tighten your knot.

This method of tying your laces has received rave reviews from other mothers who use it. So, give your kid a chance to run, jump and climb without worrying about them tripping over their shoelace.

For a visual representation of what we described, watch the video below.

Source: TODAY / YouTube