5 Things Parents Should Consider Before Getting A Pet Bird

Date October 13, 2017

Those who have ever thought about owning a bird most probably imagine this pet as the most innocent and trouble-free one. However, as a rule, the reality is a bit different, and there may be things you should know before getting yourself or your kids a bird.

1. Choose a bird that matches your character. Birds, as well as people, are different. Some of them like company, while others - don't. And this should be a thing for you to consider before you have a bird pet in your house. For example, canaries are not that chatty, while cockatiels will talk a lot and, also, do various tricks.

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2. Watch your kids when they are with your birds. You will understand this rule the minute you take the birdie into your hands. Its body is so fragile that the slightest pressure can cause it lots of discomfort up to blocking its airflow and lethal end.

3. Buy a cage large enough for your pet. No matter how large your bird is, it should have enough space to spread its wings, not touching the sides of the cage.

4. Experienced vet. After you buy a bird, it's necessary to take it to the vet. This way, you will make your life and the life of your pet easier, as the vet will consult you on how to live with the birdie, what it likes, and other important tricks you surely don't know about.

5. Make sure your birdie eats enough greens. They like all those lettuces and carrots, so don't hesitate to share some with your pet whenever you have this kind of food.

We hope you find these tips helpful, and both your new bird pet and you will enjoy your life together to the fullest!

Source: Parenting