Hospital Didn’t Have Equipment Small Enough For This Preemie Baby - So Doctors Placed Newborn Girl In A Sandwich Bag To Save Her Life

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March 29, 2018 15:00 By Mambee

Delivering a premature baby is like a nightmare for parents. Doctors, in their turn, must look after each person and cannot relax while watching a premature baby die. That's why sometimes doctors bring pretty weird ideas into action, and that's what the rescuers of little premature Pixie did.


Pixie Griffiths-Grant was born to Sharon Grant by an emergency Cesarean section three months earlier than the 37-year-old mom expected.

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Sharon was forced to give birth by C-section after the scan showed that her unborn 20-week-old girl had stopped growing in the womb.

When a pink, tiny, and birdlike three month premature baby girl was delivered, the doctors didn't expect her to live longer than an hour.


The baby was the smaller than her mom's hand and weighed less than half a bag of sugar. She was a 28-week-old baby weighing nearly 1.1 pounds.

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To keep her body warm, the doctors used a pretty off-the-wall method, putting the little girl into a Tesco sandwich bag, which imitated her mother's womb.


Though this technique seems unconventional and awkward, it saved the baby's life! What's even more, it wasn't the first time the method had been used.

As the girl was rushed to intensive care, the doctors told the parents she may not survive.


Having left blood transfusions, operations, and infections behind, Pixie is now hale and hearty, growing as an ordinary child.


Share Pixie's story to let others hold on to a belief in miracles!

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