Mom Of Seven Children Has Time For Everything And Wants To Share Her Parenting Tips

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October 18, 2017 16:06 By Mambee

Some women find it extremely difficult to raise a child as it requires much time and energy. But other people claim that it is possible to organize oneself in such a manner that will allow to have time for everything. Recently, a woman of seven children shared her parenting tips, which so many of us need.

Jen Hogan is an author, freelance writer, media contributor, and blogger from Dublin, Ireland. Many of you might think: How is it possible to combine so many professional spheres? But you will be even more amazed when you know that she is also a mother of seven wonderful children. And she has time for everything and says that good organizational skills are the key to success. Jen has even published a book “The Real Mum’s Guide to (Surviving) Parenthood” and is now ready to share her secrets with other women.


It is extremely important to have a set bedtime. When children are overtired, they can’t focus and stay concentrated; thus, the kids are more likely to be emotional and get upset easily.

Organize as much as you can the night before

You may know how stressful it can be to prepare everything in the mornings. Try to do something the night before, for example, leave clothes and underwear out for the next day as well as make lunches. It will allow you to save time in the mornings and start a day positively.

Allow yourself plenty of time to arrive at school early

Every minute makes a difference. If you drive your children to school earlier, they will have enough time to prepare for the lessons or just chat with their schoolmates.

Make friends

Every mom knows how important it is for a child to have friends. In case they live far away, it might be a good idea to have playdates. Maybe, you don’t know other parents too? Then, try to organize everything by yourself. In your child’s school, you may ask a teacher to distribute a brief note where you introduce yourself and explain that you are trying to create a class contact list. In this case, you will know everybody’s names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. It will make the future communication much easier.

Do you have your own parenting tips? Please, share them with us.

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