'It Brought Tears To My Eyes!' Serena Williams Opens Up About Being On The Cover Of Vogue Magazine With Daughter


January 11, 2018 14:46 By Mambee

Serena Williams and her adorable little girl, Olympia Ohanian looked positively gorgeous on the recent cover of Vogue Magazine. In an Instagram post on Wednesday, the athlete shared a snapshot of the magazine cover and expressed how much it meant to her.

When I first saw this @voguemagazine cover it brought tears to my eyes.

Williams went on to say that being on there with her daughter made it even more special. She was clearly proud of Olympia becoming the "youngest Voge cover star."

Serena has been pretty open about her motherhood journey through her social media pages. For example, in a post she shared during the holidays, she asked others mommas on her page if they had advice for her because teething was making Olympia very uncomfortable.

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In her interview with Vogue, she shared more details about what it has been like parenting her daughter.

She also talked about an aspect of motherhood that a lot of mums can relate too - those feelings of pressure during the early days and weeks after the child is born.

“Sometimes I get really down and feel like, Man, I can’t do this,' she said, adding that the pressure of knowing a small and defenceless child depended on you can be very overwhelming. 

I’ve broken down I don’t know how many times. Or I’ll get angry about the crying, then sad about being angry, and then guilty...

One thing that helped her through the difficult times and the emotional rollercoaster was having her mother, Oracene Price, there to offer support and assistance. Serena said her mum would always encourage her to relax around the baby.

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We applaud this tennis star for being open and sharing her experience with others. Hearing her tell her story will inspire others and remind them that they are not alone.

Source: Vogue