Taking A Glimpse Into Celebrities' Life And Their Festive Christmas Decorations

Date December 22, 2017

Celebrities have also prepared for Christmas, their decorations are cheerful and adorable, and they definitely create a festive mood.

Mariah Carey is wishing everyone happy holidays, wearing her chic smile, and looking stunning beside her Christmas tree.

Emilia Clarke addresses her Christmas wishes to the workers of NHS: "Simply put, I believe in free healthcare and I believe in the NHS. So to all those who work for the NHS, your work bonds those who struggle and those who survive, thank you for helping us!!! Merry Xmas you hard working heroes!"

Reese Witherspoon seems to wonder how to fit this giant Christmas decoration on her tree. She comments: "When you order Christmas ornaments online".

Kate Hudson and her kids decided to take a picture before starting decorating their Christmas tree.

Kristen Bell is sharing Christmas joy, participating in a charity campaign "Share your ears", where Disney Park donates 5 dollars to @MakeaWishAmerica to every shared "ear" photo.

Oprah Winfrey wishes Merry Christmas showing the fans her fancy Instagram tree! She also warns people in her video about charity fraud on the net now.

Допис, поширений Oprah (@oprah)

Hopefully you got charged with positive Christmas vibes from these stunning people, and took a glimpse into their holiday routine. The Christmas joy keeps spreading, creating magic all around.

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