Paediatrician Demonstrates An Effective Way Of Calming A Crying Baby


October 30, 2017 15:07 By Mambee

As a parent of an infant, chances are, you have found yourself feeling frustrated due to an inability to calm your baby. You probably tried everything - singing, shushing, rocking and even dancing along to a nice song. Then, of course, you soon figured out that just because something worked yesterday does not mean it will work today so you realise that creativity is just part of being a parent.

Soothing a crying child can sometimes test your patience. The internet is filled with so many ideas and methods for getting this done. While some might work, others even end up making things worse. At the end of the day, we just want to know, is there an efficient method of calming a crying baby? This is the 21st century, surely, someone would have invented something that will save parents from losing their minds, right?

Dr Robert Hamilton / Youtube

Well, this paediatrician believes he has the answer and according to a few parents that have tried out his method, he probably does.

Dr Robert Hamilton is a paediatrician in Santa Monica who recently went viral after he shared a simple demonstration for how to stop a crying baby. He referred to this as 'The Hold' and according to him, he has used this process to calm infants during office visits.

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He shared this tip with parents who came to visit him and then later decided to share with the world. He posted 'The Hold' on YouTube and it's no surprise that the video has received over 26 million views.

Dr Robert Hamilton / Youtube

From what he demonstrated, getting your baby to stop crying is simply about how you hold him. Dr Hamilton tried this method with a couple of babies in the video and they stopped crying almost as soon as he began.

Check out 'The Hold' in the video below and don't forget to share with parents who might find it useful.

Source: Dr Robert Hamilton / YouTube