Incredible Transformation! 50-Year-Old Grandma Loses 70 Pounds In 3 Months

Date July 5, 2018 17:04

An Australian grandmother recently shared how she lost 31.5 kilograms (about 70 pounds) in only three months. And here's the kicker: She claims she did it all without exercising.

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A photo taken of Ana Reyes that featured four generations of her family was the wakeup call she needed in order to do something about her health. She told Daily Mail Australia:

I couldn't believe how I looked. At the same time, I couldn't walk up stairs, I couldn't paint my toenails.

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The grandma-of-five said she had lost all self-confidence at the time and she felt very depressed. She hardly ever went out as her clothes no longer fit her.

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Today, she has managed to change her body, and by extension, her life. Ana discovered what's called the 123diet and she adopted it for herself.

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She completely changed her eating habits. She ate more fruit and vegetables and avoided foods that are high in calories.

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She emphasized that her diet was not too restrictive. She had fruit for breakfast along with some plain yogurt. For lunch, she ate salads and added some protein to her meals. And for dinner, she went with some protein and vegetables.

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Within weeks, the extra pounds started to melt away. Now, her grandkids call her '50 and fabulous.'

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I never thought I would be this content with the way I look. I'm just really happy, not only physically but mentally. This has completely changed my life.

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She revealed that the starting point was not easy, as her body had been used to all kinds of junk food. But, after a few days, she began to feel great and it only took a couple of weeks to start seeing results, which motivated her even more.

She advised others struggling with their weight to simply get started, adding that life was too short to waste time hiding and feeling insecure.

Source: DailyMail

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