No Love For Love Handles: 7 Exercises To Help Fight Excessive Back And Side Fat

Date July 2, 2018

Every woman’s dream is a thin waistline! According to classic beauty standards, the perfect body shape is an hourglass, with equally wide shoulders and hips and a thin waist. Women all over the world are striving to reduce their body fat in this area. However, our lifestyle may not coincide with our desires. Let’s be honest, we all want to get fitter without putting in a lot of effort. But it never works that way.

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No pain, no gain!

Unhealthy eating habits and a lack of physical exercise may lead to the accumulation of body fat around the waist and the appearance of the so-called love handles, which is definitely not something we want to have - especially when we try to get into our favorite pair of jeans!

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We suggest you have a look at these 7 exercises, which are considered the most effective when it comes to fighting love handles. Some may be not so easy to perform, so you can start with fewer repetitions.

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Each day, as you increase the number of repetitions, your muscles will get stronger and you will be able to develop endurance and speed up your metabolism.

#1. Jump and twist

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#2. Twist

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#3. Hands walk + knees to the elbows

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#4. Bicycle crunch

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#5. Side crunch

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#6. Side plank dips

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#7. Russian twist

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These exercises engage the core muscles: the external and internal abdominal obliques and rectus abdominis. They do target the waistline and help you strengthen your core, which is great, so it is possible to say goodbye to those love handles just by following these two simple tips: eat healthily, exercise regularly. Stay motivated and have fun with your workout routine!

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