Woman Slips Into A Coma Shortly After Giving Birth. The Child Is 5 Now And His Mother Is Yet To Wake Up

Date November 6, 2018 16:14

A couple tried for many years to have a child. When their dreams finally came true, they had to endure another heartbreaking ordeal. Now, they are hoping for a miracle.

Heather and Sean met many years ago on a blind date. The couple soon realized that they had a lot in common and they began to build a relationship.

Their next dream was to have children. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. For seven years, they tried to conceive but were not successful. Doctors gave them the devastating news that it was unlikely that Heather would ever get pregnant.

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However, in 2012, things seemed to have taken a turn for the better. The couple found out they were having a beautiful baby boy.

Sean confessed that they had wanted this very badly and still hoped for this miracle even after they were told that Heather was unlikely to be fertile.

The dad-to-be was serving with the National Guard in Afghanistan when his wife was 34 weeks pregnant. She went to a hospital after she started to experience some back pain and a headache.

She later began to have seizures as a result of a massive brain bleed. The doctors knew the baby had to come out immediately if there was any hope of saving the mother's life. An emergency C-section was performed and soon after Heather slipped into a coma.

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As soon as Sean heard the news, he made the 3-day trip back home to be with his wife and son. He first went to see his son in the NICU and held him in his arms. When he got to his wife, doctors told him that she may never recover from the coma.

One year later, Heather returned home after showing signs of progress. She is still progressing little by little. Over the years, she has even tried to move and speak.

Sean set up a Facebook page where he keeps their family and well-wishers updated on Heather's condition, and he also posts updates about their son, John.

The dad says John loves to spend time with his mother and he too hopes that, someday, she will wake up.

Even though the situation may seem hopeless, the family is holding on to the hope that Heather will come back to them.

Having a mother is the most precious gift of all! Life without her is so bitter and dark. Let’s all remember to appreciate them.

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