Your Eyes Aren't Deceiving You: This Dog Really Has A Human-Like Face

Date July 6, 2018

They say dogs start to look like their owners with time. Or is it vice versa? Owners and dogs often develop a resemblance and people always notice such things. But this dog has amazed everyone with his face! The little Shih Tzu-poodle mix has become a real Internet sensation because of his human-like appearance.

Twitter has gone crazy about comparing the dog with celebrities.

Can you decide who remind you more of this adorable pup?

27-year-old Chantal Desjardins is stunned by the unexpected fame of her dog, Yogi! She told People that Yogi is a young puppy and he is really crazy! Everything is new to him.

He's just like a normal pup exploring the world, and “sometimes gets scared of little things he’s not used to … like a bag on the coffee table, he’ll bark at it”.

The funny thing is that Yogi’s owner didn't realize how human-like his face was until her friend posted a picture on Reddit. It quickly went viral as people could not believe their eyes!

The comments have been incredibly crazy as well!

Elli Hall / Twitter

Elli Hall / Twitter

Elli Hall / Twitter

Elli Hall / Twitter

These eyes! When they are looking straight into the camera they seem to be so thoughtful! And his “lips”! Have you noticed them too?

Some people believed that the picture was a retouched fraud! But the owner swears that he is real!

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