3 Big Differences Between Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton's Engagement Photos

Date June 13, 2018

It takes only a glance at the engagement photos of Prince William/ Kate Middleton and Prince Harry/ Meghan Markle for someone to quickly notice their similarities: The sparkling smiles, the loving looks each couple shared, and the primness of their outfit.


However, we soon realize that these are two very different couples and this naturlly means that a few things about them would be different as well.


Each one of them had their own unique style and an idea of what they wanted this special day to look like. So, let us take a look at some of the major differences between both couples.

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The place they chose

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle posed for their engagement pictures in the outdoors. Their exact location was at Frogmore House, in Windsor. But William and Kate preferred an indoor background. They took their pictures at St. James' Palace.


What they wore

There really wasn't a lot of differences between the brothers' suits except for the fact that they wore slightly different shades of navy blue. But this was no problem as all eyes were on the fiancee. Kate's royal blue wrap dress blended perfectly with her man's outfit and her sapphire engagement ring. A beautiful pair of nude heels finished up her look.


Meghan, on the other hand, wore a lovely black dress with a sheer bodice adorned with leaf embellishments. What really stood out was that Meghan seemed to be adventurous with her fashion choices while Kate was a bit more conservative.

kensingtonroyal / Instagram

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The rings

The discussion about the engagement pictures cannot be complete without mentioning the rings. Kate wore the same ring that Princess Diana wore all through her marriage to Prince Charles.


Meghan's ring also paid a tribute to the brothers' mother. The ring was designed by Harry himself and featured two diamonds from Princess Diana’s personal collection, as well as a larger, center diamond from Botswana.


Since Prince William is the third in line to the throne, his engagement was a much bigger deal also because he he was the first of Diana's sons to announce the happy news. Maybe this was another reason why their special event was more conservative and formal. 

Prince Harry and Meghan felt more relaxed, obviously. It gave them more freedom with the engagement pictures. It means very little, however, when we are stricken by the tenderness of both relationships.


Even though they have many differences, they still have much in common, don't they? 

Source: People