When This Boy Was Born, His Gray Hair Knocked Both Parents And Doctors Off The Feet

Date April 16, 2018 10:21

When this sweet boy was born at the end of 2015, there was nothing much out of the ordinary about him.

Life Easy / Youtube

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He was hale and hearty, a little more than 11 pounds in weight and a normal height, so he seemed to be perfectly healthy.

Inara Prasukova /

Labor had also gone relatively well, as the boy hadn't taken too long to pop out. However, there was one thing that knocked both doctors and parents off their feet.

Life Easy / Youtube

The boy's head was covered in a beautiful mop of icy silver hair. Thanks to this unique feature, he was given an appropriate nickname - Prince Charming.

Though the parents fretted over their little boy's health, doctors assured them the hair is not an indication of illness.

Life Easy / Youtube

Initially, doctors thought Bence had some form of albinism. Under this condition, the body can't create enough melanin to protect itself from UV radiation. Thus, it's quite dangerous.

Iraiska /

Having taken a sample of Bence's blood, physicians confirmed that the boy didn't have an abnormal melanin level. Babies tend to develop melanin as they grow up, and so will charming prince Bence!

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Iraidka /

That's the reason babies are often born with blonde hair and blue eyes, only for the colors to change significantly as they age.

Natalia_R /

Another unusual feature of Bence is that his head is completely covered with hair. Whether a baby is born with a head full of hair or no hair, however, there is no reason for alarm.

Andrey Arkusha /

Children grow hair due to the specifics of their genetics, so even if a kid is born completely bald, hormones will generally do their thing, resulting in a full head of hair within about two weeks.

YanomirM /

The story of little Bence proves that there's nothing awkward about being unusual. Although he looked like a little grey-haired prince as a newborn, nowadays Bence is an absolutely healthy boy!

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