Woman Posts On Facebook A Photo Of Her Baby Bump Along With A Touching Story About Pain, Heartbreak, And Hope

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October 16, 2017 11:07 By Mambee

Being pregnant can bring with it different kinds of emotion. In those months, you are worried, excited, anxious and let's not forget all the less-than-fabulous pregnancy symptoms. Every single time you go in for a check-up, there's that nagging fear that something might be wrong with your unborn child. While the vast number of women go on to have healthy babies with no complications whatsoever, there are those whose nightmare come true and they have to adjust accordingly.

One of such mums was Tayler Borre. The pregnant mum who is due in January 2018, shared a beautiful pregnancy photo on her Facebook. It was not just her baby bump that took the spotlight but also the Disney character, Nemo, which she and her husband, Ryan Shehan were holding in their hands. Posted along with this photo was a touching story about Tayler's pain, heartbreak and hope.

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Tayler's unborn child was diagnosed with Amniotic Band Syndrome two weeks after her routine OB noticed that something was not right with the way the child was developing. ABS is a condition whereby the "baby gets tangled in fibrous string-like amniotic bands in the womb, restricting blood flow and affecting the baby’s development or amputating the body part they wrap onto."

The devastating part came when it was discovered that the child had no left hand. While this development broke the parents' hearts, as anyone can imagine, they have decided to focus only on the positives. Despite the syndrome, Tayler's baby was measuring perfectly and very healthy.

She is our Nemo. She has a fin that's a little smaller than the other, but she will conquer anything her little heart desires to do!This is not a disability or a bad thing, she will be a little rockstar no matter what! She will do it all!

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Tayler hopes her story will not only bring more awareness to the condition but also serve as an inspiration for other mums who are dealing with a similar situation.

Source: Tayler Borre/ Facebook