Prince George's Debut In School Nativity Play: Time To Remember Prince William and Prince Harry's Talented Performances

Date December 11, 2017

Taking part in school nativity plays is one of the most adorable Christmas traditions of the Royal Family. And this year, the 4-year-old Prince George took the stage for the first time in his life.

During a recent visit to Salford, Prince William said he went to watch his son's debut at Thomas’s Battersea school, says People.

I went to my boy’s nativity play. It was funny. He was a sheep.

The Royal Family keeps this Christmas tradition going for many decades. Back in 1941, then Princess Elizabeth played in a royal pantomime along with her sister Princess Margaret.

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William, as well as his younger brother Harry, also used to perform in their school's nativity plays. Over the years, they have played all kinds of characters. For instance, back in 1988, then 4-year-old Prince Harry played a shepherd. His costume consisted of a blue headpiece and long white tunic. Two years before that, his older brother William also played a shepherd, reports Hello! Canada.

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But for his debut back in 1987, Prince Harry had a bit more colorful and funny costume. That year, the little prince played a goblin and sported a funny red and green ensemble.

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Watch the video below to see just how cute the little princes were when they were making their first appearances in the school Christmas plays.

It is hard to believe that these adorable babies are all grown-up now. Prince William and his wife are already expecting their third kid. And Prince Harry is getting prepared for his big Royal wedding with a gorgeous beauty Meghan Markle in May 2018.

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