Recent Events Reveal That Kate Middleton Might Be Expecting Her Third Baby Sooner Than Speculated!


On September 4, when Kensington Palace came out to announce that Duchess is expecting another royal baby, that kind of sent a message across to everyone.

Based on the popular recommendation that people wait for the three-month mark before announcing their pregnancy, people quickly assumed that the baby should be coming around April 2018.

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However, Prince William seemed to have hinted that the baby is coming sooner than most people think.

During his recent visit to Spitalfields Crypt Trust (a nonprofit organization that supports people dealing with addiction and homelessness) in East London, he made a statement that presupposes Kate Middleton might be further gone in her pregnancy than assumed.

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When one midwife congratulated the Prince for expecting his third child with Kate Middleton, he reportedly told the midwife:

All the best with the midwifery, I may see you sooner than you think.

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This statement has gotten people thinking that the baby might truly be expected sooner than we think. Whatever the case, we wish the royal family a blissful pregnancy and delivery.

Source: Marie Claire