15-Years-Old High School Boy Sings The National Anthem - And Leaves Crowd Speechless


December 18, 2017 15:22 By Mambee

A beautiful voice will always stop us in our tracks. There is something so incredibly wonderful about hearing someone belt out the notes to a good song. It's usually even more amazing when we are talking about a young boy or girl.

When young teens find their talent at an early age, it's usually worth celebrating and applauding. Sometimes, the sound of their voice inspires us and at other times, it brings joy to our soul. This 15-year-old boy's voice is doing both.

SamuelJKeith / YouTube

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Sam Keith was a Sophomore at Nashoba Regional High School in Massachusetts when a video of him singing the worlds to the US National Anthem went viral. The young man was a member of his school's football team. When he was called out to sing, no doubt, a few people were surprised. It's not every day we see a football player give a musical performance.

Sam stepped up to his spot, grabbed the mic and began to sing. His bass voice had our attention right from the very first note. And with each word he musically rendered, we were all deeply impressed and in absolute wonder.

SamuelJKeith / YouTube

The video, published in 2015, got the attention of thousands of people via shares and reposts and it now has over 812,000 views on YouTube.

Of course, looking back at the young man's performance today, it's normal to be a little curious about what happened to him and if he is still pursuing music.

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Well, according to the video description, which was updated on December 11th, Sam "has continued to sing the anthem at multiple footballs, soccer, and basketball games at his high school."

He is also now a student of the University of Cincinnati where he is still pursuing his love for singing and acting as a Musical Theater Major.

It's good to know that the young man has not given up on his talent. Now, all we have to do is watch him continue to thrive and cheer him on every step of the way.

Source: SamuelJKeith / YouTube