3-Years-Old Girl Melts Hearts After A Picture Of Snuggling With Diverse Dolls Was Posted Online


December 7, 2017 15:42 By Mambee

Little Mila Stauffer is actually pretty popular on social media. Her mother, K.C Stauffer would often record videos of her doing funny skits and post them on Instagram. The page, which also featured her sister, Emma, now has over 3 million followers.

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Stauffer has become a pro when it comes to capturing special moments of her children. This is probably one of the many reasons why her page has become a huge hit. For instance, she recently posted a picture of her Emma who was sleeping and cuddling with a pile of dolls. One thing people quickly noticed was how diverse the dolls were. There were Barbies and old-school dolls, all of different ethnicity.

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In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Stauffer said it was Emma's idea to sleep with dolls as it was the only way she would agree to take a nap. Mila, the Instagram superstar, also added a few dolls just to make sure her sister was extra comfortable.

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The comments following Emma's picture were actually from people who thought it was very impressive that the girls had multicultural dolls. Someone wrote, "I love how you choose to have all complexion! It’s amazing to see and wish many more was like so! You honestly made me a bigger fan of you lovely people!"

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Stauffer told Yahoo that the girls do not see anything different about the dolls. They simply picked what they liked. "To them, they're all the same," she said.

She did admit that having insta-famous daughters often comes with its own challenges. They are still not used to the attention they get from people on the streets. Sometimes, fans lined up just to meet them.

It's hard not to be a fan of these cute little girls. Not only are they smart and funny, their personalities are absolutely wonderful. Everyone who follows Stauffer always looks forward to their next post.

Source: YAHOO