3rd Grader Shares Her Experience Of Being A Target Of Bullies In A Video Interview

Date November 21, 2017

Constantly worrying about your child is a normal part of being a parent. You are worried about what to feed them, if they are healthy and of course, how they are being treated by others. With the epidemic of bullying in our society today, no kid is safe. And since we all know the effect that bullying has on kids, it makes sense to be concerned.

However, a mother named Kimberly never really gave a lot of thought to the idea that her daughter, Juliet, could be a target for bullies.

Kimberly, a long time advocate for causes that put a stop to bullying, has had a lot of experience with bullied children. As an elementary school guidance counsellor, she has taught children the importance of being inclusive and kind to one another. This, plus the fact that Juliet had always been described as a kind and sweet child, gave the mum the impression that bullying will not be a problem for the little girl.

GrowingUp Glad/ YouTube

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"I don’t think I wanted to believe that she was being bullied," the mother said as she talked about how outraged and sad she was when Juliet opened up to her. She and her daughter decided to do something about it. Kimberly knew that this is what a lot of school children are facing so in addition to tackling the situation with the school administration, she wanted to give Juliet a chance to open up about the experience.

GrowingUp Glad / YouTube

In the video interview which Kimberly posted on YouTube, the mum encouraged Juliet to share some details about what was going on with her in school. The little girl hopes that, by sharing her story, she will inspire other people going through similar experiences. In addition, she shared some advice for the bullies with the goal of encouraging them to turn a new leaf.