4-Years-Old Girl Donates All Her Savings To Police Officer Battling Cancer

Date December 11, 2017 16:23

Sidney Fahrenbruch is only four years old and she is inspiring people across the world. According to a post on the Longmont Police Department's Facebook page, the little girl cleared out her piggy bank just to help a cop in need.

Little Sidney made a donation to a fund for Army veteran Officer Kyle Zulauf, who was battling pancreatic cancer. The young girl, according to her mother Megan, is a big fan of police officers and would often visit the local precinct from time to time.

The Longmont Police Department had set up a fundraising to help Zulauf pay his medical bills. However, the department was very surprised when Sidney came in one day and brought all the content of her piggy bank along with her, intending to donate everything she had to the sick officer.

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So how much did Sidney donate exactly? Well, all together, her savings added up to about $9 of hard-earned money and it all came from the sweetest, most loving place in the heart of a little girl.

In the post, the officers appreciated Sidney's kind gesture, saying, "thank you Sidney (and family) for your kindness."

This was not the first time Sidney made the headlines. Back in July, the girl approached one of the officers at a community event with the Longmont Police Department. The cop, Officer David Bonday was asked by Sidney to come and search her house for monsters. Bonday, even though he had never gone on a monster hunt before, happily obliged.

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The pair looked through the couch, cushions and even their yard. It turned out to be an unforgettable experience for the girl.

Little Sidney certainly making an impression on a lot of people and we're amazed by her kindness and generosity.

Source: Longmont Fire, Police and OEM / Facebook