5 Mistakes Most People Make When Shaving Their Legs

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December 19, 2017 15:04 By Mambee

The thing with most routine activities is that we have been doing it for so long that it never occurs to us that we may be doing it wrong. Even though we have been getting the job done, some new information may reveal a better and more effective way to do things.

Take shaving our legs, for instance. While it's not rocket science, making little changes here and there make things go more smoothly, so to speak.

1. Shaving as soon as you get in the shower

Staying in the shower for about 15 minutes before you start shaving will soften the hair and give you a better chance for a close shave. However, try not to stay in too long as this will cause your skin to wrinkle, leaving you with an opposite result.

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2. Morning shave

Even if it sounds appealing to consider shaving a morning ritual, it may be better to leave this particular activity for night time. Because your legs swell slightly while you sleep, the hair will retreat even more into the follicles. You will achieve more smoothness by morning.

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3. Using bar soap to lather up

Sometimes, you may find yourself without your trusty shaving cream but keep in mind that shaving dry, or worse, with soap, is a bad idea. If you really need a replacement, hair conditioner is a much better option. Bar soaps do not give the skin enough lubrication for the razor to slide smoothly against your skin. Using this or using nothing increases your chances of getting a cut.

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4. Using the same razor blades for too long

Your blades should be changed after about five to 10 shaves or at the first sign of dullness. Dull blades can cause bumps and trap bacteria. Plus, it does not get the job done.

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5. The direction of the shave

When you first begin shaving, shave in the direction the hair grows (usually down the leg). If your skin is very sensitive, only shave downwards as you may increase the chances of irritation if you go the other way. When your skin is warm and the hair is shorter, then you can shave upwards.

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If your goal is to achieve a clean and smooth shave while preventing nicks and cuts, then these tips should be helpful.

Source: GoodHousekeeping