A Rare Disease Brought Them Together When They Were Only 4-Years-Old. Now They Are Happily Married

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October 17, 2018 12:22 By Mambee

Not knowing what the future holds is one of the great things about being human. While some find love when they are in their 20s and 30s, others meet their soulmates at the age of four. And each of these stories is as heartwarming as the last.

A woman named Emily Kohlman recently shared her story on the LoveWhatMatters Facebook page. 

Emily was only four years old when she met her now-husband, Cameron, also four, at a hospital where they were both receiving treatment for a rare disease. Bladder exstrophy is a condition that involves a protrusion of the urinary bladder.

They both underwent surgery as a result of this birth defect, and they maintained a friendship in the years following this experience.

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11 years later, in 2006, the pair fell in love. "Our love was endless, relentless even," Emily said in her post. Even though they did not live in the same state, they made their long-distance relationship work.

In 2012, "Cameron got down on one knee, pulled an engagement ring from his cowboy boot and asked me to be his wife". They were married three years later.

A few months into their marriage, the couple decided to try for a baby. On their third month of trying to conceive, Emily found out she was pregnant. Describing the moment she found out, she said:

A positive sign appeared after what felt like hours of waiting. I was undoubtedly excited, but it was also terrifying. So many questions pulsed through my mind as I impatiently waited for Cameron to return from work, 'Would our baby have bladder exstrophy? Cameron’s sense of humor? My terrible vision?' I pondered every scenario until the workday was over.

Cameron was thrilled when he heard he was going to be a dad. Of course, the questions lingered at the back of their minds and they worried that they would pass bladder exstrophy to their child.

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Doctors had told them that, if they found the baby's bladder during a scan, then the child did not have the condition because it would mean the bladder was in the right place. So, beginning at 14 weeks, the couple went in regular ultrasounds in hopes that they would see their baby's bladder. They had no luck and, weeks after weeks, they felt a little more discouraged.

At 21 weeks, Emily and Cameron had accepted that their baby would be born with bladder exstrophy, but during that week's ultrasound, they found it.

The bladder. We found it… ON THE INSIDE! This was a big deal, not only for us but for many families with lingering questions for their BE kids, too.

16 weeks later, they had their baby girl delivered through a C-section, on May 23, 2017, to be precise. They named her Everleigh Grace.

Emily said she had always wondered why she and her husband had to undergo the pain that came with bladder exstrophy, but after all the happiness they have been blessed with, she could not have had it any other way.

I would relive it 100 times over, to be rewarded with this crazy, beautiful life, alongside my incredible husband and beautiful baby girl.

Their love story is incredibly beautiful and enduring. We can only wish them many more happy years together.

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