Celebrities Come Together To Support Bullied Boy Whose Heart-wrenching Video Went Vir


Celebrities Come Together To Support Bullied Boy Whose Heart-wrenching Video Went Viral

Date December 14, 2017 15:05

An emotional video of a young boy who made a plea against bullies at his school went viral on social media. And since then, celebrities have been standing up to support him.

Over the weekend, Kimberly Jones posted a video on Facebook of her son, Keaton, sharing his experiences with bullies. The boy delved into his daily struggles as a victim of bullying and how painful the whole ordeal was.

"They make fun of my nose, they call me ugly," Keaton said, adding that he had no friends.

Kimberly explained, in the caption of the video, that her son had asked her to come and pick him up from school because he was afraid to eat lunch with the rest of his classmates.

The video went viral almost immediately, getting millions of views in a matter of days. Consequently, celebrities got wind of the situation and a lot of them expressed their anger and indignation that a boy so young would have to go through such a painful experience from his fellow classmates.

In a tweet, the singer, Katy Perry said, "this broke my [heart] today. Please be kind to one another."

Other stars like Enrique Iglesias, Demi Lovato, Cardi B and more also agreed, speaking out about the terrible menace that is bullying and why it's so incredibly sad. In fact, the hashtag #StandwithKeaton son went viral all over social media and thousands of people used it to give their words of support and encouragement to the boy.

Enrique Iglesias was simply 'heartbroken' when he heard about the video and Keaton's experience.

Cardi B just wanted to give Keaton a hug and make it all better for him.

Singer Kelsea Ballerini is making plans to ensure the bullies apologise to Keaton.

Kevin Jonas described Keaton as a hero.

Snoop Dogg offered his friendship and support.

Demi Lovato wanted to encourage Keaton and tell him he would come out of this much stronger.

Having people stand up for the young boy was heartwarming to see. Even though there is no guarantee that this will put an end to the bullying, Keaton can take comfort in knowing thousands of people are behind him.