Dad Shaves Off His Own Hair In Support Of His Daughter Who Lost Hers To Alopecia

Date December 18, 2017 15:40

Parents want their kids to be happy and confident. There's nothing as joyous to any parent as watching their child smile brightly and hold his/her head up high anywhere and at any time. So when these parents heard that their little girl was feeling sad because she thought she was not beautiful enough, it broke their hearts.

6-years-old Riley Sylvaria has alopecia totalis. The autoimmune disorder leads to a complete loss of hair on the scalp. The little one began losing hair not long after she was born and by the time she was 15 months old, she was completely bald.

Of course, in situations like this, parents often have to work overtime to ensure their baby is comfortable. Chelsea and Dave encouraged their baby girl while growing up and tried to build her self-confidence.

So, it came as a surprise to Chelsea when Riley revealed that she did not love herself because she was bald.

In a Facebook post, Chelsea shared Riley's exact words in which she said: "I don’t love myself because I don’t have hair!"

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Before then, the little girl had never really said anything about her hair or lack thereof so the parents never imagined she was experiencing these feelings. But when the mother heard these words, she knew they had to do something.

Chelsea told Dave about the conversation she had with their child and the dad said he wanted to have a talk with the girl.

Chelsea was not sure what he was going to say so she decided to record the moment. In the video, which has now been posted on Facebook, we could hear Dave reassuring Riley that with or without hair, her parents would always love her.

You’re the most special girl in the whole world. It doesn’t matter if you’re bald or have hair. That doesn’t make a difference.

Then, unexpectedly, Dave asked her, "do you want Daddy to shave his head?" to which the girl nodded happily.

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The father then went on to shave off all his own hair and you could tell that this meant the world to the child.

Chelsea said while describing the moment, "it impacted her greatly. It made me fall in love that much more with my husband."

Even though Chelsea did not expect her story to go viral, she was glad it did because she hoped it would help more people understand alopecia, especially in children. And she also hoped that those who have the condition would feel "loved and beautiful" after watching the video.

Source: Chelsea Sylvaria / Facebook