Relationship Experts Share 6 Dating Tips For Single Parents

Date November 7, 2017

Being a single parent is pretty tough. Throw dating in the mix and you basically have a complicated scenario. However, this does not mean you cannot meet someone as a single parent. It just means you have to remember to make yourself a priority from time to time. Relationship expert, Amy Spencer, gives single parents some of her most effective tips to help them find the man/woman of your dreams.

1. Where to go

Most single parents often spend time in kid-centred locations like parks and Chuck E. Cheese but if you do want to meet someone, you have to find a place that gives your kids a chance to have fun while you also get an opportunity to scout the location. Spencer suggests places like museums, bookstore, farmer's market, etc.


2. Online dating

Some parent may feel uncomfortable about letting a prospective date know right off the bat that they have kids as they fear that this will scare them off. According to Spencer, honesty is always the best policy. She advises parents tell the person they are chatting with up front that they have a child but spend most of the conversation talking about themselves - what they like to do for fun, who they are as a person and so on.

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3. Telling the kids

Deborah Roth Ledley, a licensed psychology, weighs in on this issue. According to her, it's best to be truthful when dealing with a situation like this. You don't need to go into details but you can explain to your kids that you are feeling lonely and are ready to meet new people. If there are any further questions, give straight, simple answers. However, if they are satisfied with your initial response, let the subject go.

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4. Feeling nervous

Getting back out there is not always easy. You may find yourself feeling a little nervous especially if you have not dated in a while and perhaps coming out of a divorce or long-term relationship. It's okay to be nervous. According to Spencer, the nerves are "all signs you're taking a positive step forward to try something new in your life. You have to step out on a limb sometimes -- that's where all the fruit is.

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5. Feeling insecure

Insecurity is another feeling you might experience as a single parent especially if your previous partner was the one who called it quits. However, you must not let it hold you back from a great future. Spencer suggests making a list of the great qualities you, your friends and family appreciate. Looking at the things that make you awesome should give you the confidence to go out there and rock someone's world.

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6. Parent or non-parent

This is a question that will pop into your head at some point. Will you have a happier relationship with a single parent like yourself or someone who isn't? Spencer's advice? "Don't close doors before you even open them." Don't start by crossing people out of your list before even getting to know them. Embrace the unknown. Cast a wide net and open your heart. That is so much more important if you want to find a great partner.

Maneuvering dating and having a romantic relationship will not be easy and you may even find yourself feeling a little guilty for wanting this slice of happiness. You just have to remember that you deserve it and you're not doing anybody any good by staying miserable if what you want is to be in a loving relationship.

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