Even In A Fast-Paced World, Parents Can Still Find Ways To Spend Quality Time With The Kids

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November 10, 2017 20:16 By Mambee

You probably often find yourself wondering where all the time went and how come your kids are growing up so fast. The bad news is, the time will continue to speed by until your kids grow into adults and have a life of their own. The good news is, it's not too late to begin carving out quality time to spend with your children. You want to be able to send them off to college with joy in your heart and satisfaction in your soul, knowing you have enjoyed every single moment of their childhood and have created a bond so strong, nothing will break it.

So, how exactly do you make out time when you have a dozen things to do every single day? Well, sometimes, you just have to listen to tips and advice from other mums. Laura, a mother and blogger at Lalymom shares some of the tips that worked for her.

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Schedule it

The thing with making an actual plan to spend time with your kids as opposed to just thinking about it in your head is that it becomes more tangible. You can work towards a schedule. You can make sure you get as much done as you can before then and you even look forward to the special time with the little one. Having it at the back of your mind that every weekend, two hours a day, and so on will be a special time to spend with your kids is one step forward.

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Morning/ bedtime routine

Even ten minutes before they head to school or before bed can be very good for you and your child. It could be getting up a little earlier to talk about what they look forward to that day or taking a couple of minutes before bed to look back on how the day went. Remember, the little minutes do add up.

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Videos and photos

When last did you and your child record something together? Think back and you will realise that it was probably an activity that you both enjoyed with smiles on your faces. Do this more often and feel free to act as silly as you like. The sillier the better. You are trying to create fun, lasting memories here.

Cook and bake together

Here, you are getting two things done at the same time. Why not invite your kids to come around and join you while making dinner? Sure, it might take you longer than if you are doing it on your own, but it gives you a chance to spend some time with the kids while also getting something done, plus your kids might even develop an interest in the art. A win-win-win, we think.

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Tech time-out

It's easy to be so glued to our phones these days that we soon realise we have no idea where all the time went. Have designated times or areas in the house where phones are not allowed. This will encourage you to actually talk to each other.

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Family movie night

Movie night, game night or family dance party, basically anything you can do as a family is very much encouraged. These things don't take too much of your time and can be very rewarding both for you and the kids.

What we ought to remember as parents is that, we don't need to dedicate a whole 24 hours of the day to ensure we are making memories with our children. A little bit here and there is all we need to keep that family bond strong.

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