Man Plans A Surprise Proposal And Wedding All In One Night To Give His Lady A Stress-Free Experience

Date January 17, 2018 15:16

When it comes to proposals, there are guys who completely knock it out of the park. They go all out for their lady and the romance level is earth-shattering. But how many guys can plan not only the perfect proposal but also the perfect wedding? And all on the same day!

Danny Rios wanted to ensure that his girlfriend (now wife) Nicole Carfagna had a completely stress-free wedding experience. So he took matters into his own hands and planned everything from start to finish.

One has to wonder why he decided to put so much effort into making sure his beloved did not need to lift a finger.

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Nicole suffers from lupus and stressful situations often aggravate the condition. So, Danny guessed that planning a wedding would most likely result in health problems for her.

For someone who wanted his wedding day to be special, he decided that he needed to take the stress off her completely and that was what he did.

It took Danny five months to plan this epic proposal which was followed by a legendary wedding.

Danny was not alone in his grand plan. He enlisted the help of their family and loved ones.

For instance, while he picked out the rings, Nicole's mum was in charge of finding the right wedding dress for her daughter.

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Before the big day, Danny took Nicole out on a trip. When they returned, she was surprised to see that her backyard was decorated with bright lights.

Then she entered and could not believe it when she saw her family.

I started walking down a path surrounded by family and hugging everyone.

Danny got down on one knee and popped the question. When she said yes, they were married soon after.

Just check out this amazing video!

It looked like such a beautiful wedding and an unforgettable day. We wish Nicole and her new husband a happy married life.