Military Wife Comes Up With A Creative Way To Include Her Deployed Husband In The Family Christmas Photo

Date December 5, 2017

Ashley Sistrunk wanted one thing for Christmas - to bring her husband home. And what she has been able to achieve has gone viral.

Ashley wanted to bring her entire family together on a Christmas card but that seemed impossible because her husband, Brandon, a staff sergeant in the Airforce, was serving in Iraq. She did not give up though. She gave the problem some thought and came up with the genius idea to photoshop her husband into the family Christmas picture.

Speaking to ABC, Ashley said she went on Pinterest to look for ideas and saw a few that inspired her. She then told her husband what he had to do to. Brandon was all too happy to do this with his family.

Ashley's mum took the picture of her and her four children in a beautiful festive and wintry scene in the mountains. Brandon, on his own end, took loads of pictures as he was determined to ensure his wife found the perfect one.

"He took about 25 pictures because he knows that I’m very particular," she told ABC.

Luckily, Ashley was able to find two that worked perfectly. She used them both on the Christmas card. She said she had no clue that the pictures would gain so much attention.

We posted it on my actual Facebook and a lot of people on my friend list liked it, and I liked how it turned out, but I didn’t at all expect it to turn into this.

For the Sistrunks, the experience was so much fun. They got to feel like a family in the holiday season and they did not let distance hinder their goal.

She revealed that Brandon being away has not been very easy on their children - Riley, Landon, Macie and Nora. During the holidays, his absence seemed even more pronounced. In order to put a fun spin on things, Ashley would often tell her kids that their dad is being a "superhero," she said.

We imagine that not having their husband and dad in the home could not be easy, but with Ashley's awesome idea, they all get to enjoy Christmas with the feeling that he was close to them.