Mom Organized Adorable Photo Shoot That Featured Her Two Sets Of Twins

Date October 12, 2018

A couple decided to invite their older children to take part in a photo shoot to celebrate their newborn babies, which resulted in an excess of cuteness to be enjoyed. 

When Juliet and Nikki Cannici welcomed their twin daughters, Gia and Gemma, they already had a 3-year-old set of twins: a boy, Nico, and a girl, Siena.

According to Cannici, a photographer, Nico and Siena could not wait for their little siblings to arrive. "They spent months snuggled with mama’s pregnant belly, talking and singing to the unborn babies," she said, adding that now that they are here, the older twins have been doing a fantastic job of being big sister and brother.

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The close bond and love between both sets of twins were what inspired Cannici to organise an awesome newborn photo session which featured the older siblings.

The mother rented some cute outfits and had her home studio set up for the special event.

At first, things did not go perfectly as Nico and Siena did not just seem like they were in the mood to take pictures. So, instead of forcing it, Cannici decided to give the kids a break. By the time they returned, she laid them down so they could enjoy some time with Gia and Gemma.

Playing with their siblings seemed to bring the best out of them because the amazing poses began to come out much easier - and naturally. Nico and Siena smiled happily, acted goofy and simply enjoyed some fun time with their baby sisters.

Cannici posted the beautiful photos on her business page, where it garnered a lot of positive reactions.

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The mother believed that the pictures were a real reflection of how much her older set of twins love their newborn sisters. She told HuffingtonPost:

Several times a day Nico and Siena each say ‘I just love my baby sisters. I will keep them safe forever.’ 

We cannot argue with that right there. Just by looking at the photos, we can tell there is just so much love among these kids that it warms our hearts.