Mom Who Lost 100 Pounds In 2 Years Shared Her Tips For Success

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November 23, 2017 16:07 By Mambee

For a long time, Natalie Moxey faced difficulties when it came to losing weight. The mom got heavier while she was pregnant but for several months afterward, she was having trouble and the fact that she and her husband spent $130 on take-out food every week did not help.

The 31-year-old mother admitted that while she might have eaten a little less during the day, at night, she would binge on all the wrong foods. Speaking to TODAY, she said:

I’d come home and just sit and eat. It was never just a takeaway either – it’d be followed by ice cream, or chocolate, or popcorn. I’d snack constantly and blame it on being tired.

At her heaviest, Moxey weighed 261 pounds and she had always had issues keeping her weight in check ever since childhood.

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Her wakeup call came when the Indian restaurant they mostly ordered takeout food from sent them a Christmas card.

It is quite a scary thing to think you order enough food from a take-away company that they send a Christmas card.

Moxey decided that it was time to take control of her life. The first thing she did was switch the greasy, junk food she often ate to fresh, home-cooked meals. She also started incorporating exercise into her lifestyle and this got easier to do as she continued to lose more weight. She started by taking regular walks but the slimmer she got, the more stamina she had. So, before long, she was running marathons.

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Moxey, who now lives her life as a healthier woman, shared three main things she learned from her journey.

  1. Take pictures: Moxey took pictures throughout her weight loss journey to keep track of how far she came. They were not all flattering but they turned out to be a great motivation for her to keep going.
  2. No need to quit your favorite food: Most dieters often feel like they need to give up foods like pasta, pizza, and all the other good stuff but Moxey learned that this should not always be the case. Having willpower and learning portion control would serve you best and you don't have to feel like you're hungry all the time.
  3. Be good to yourself: When you hit big or small goals, reward yourself. When you lose those first 10 pounds, take yourself out shopping. Moxey advised dieters to be kind to themselves, otherwise, they would not reach their weight goals.

We think these are some pretty good advice. A lot of women can relate to the struggle of trying to lose weight after having a baby. Moxey's story and journey, however, would serve as an inspiration.

Source: TODAY