Mother Of 2 Shares The Story Of Her Stolen Car To Remind All Moms Of The Importance Of Taking A Break

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October 19, 2017 18:57 By Mambee

As a mother, you might find yourself feeling like you are always on go-mode. There always seem to be something to do and places to be. There seem to be a dozen things on your mind, and it is inevitable that this would mean there would not be enough space in your mind for other stuff. So, there is a chance that you forget things - a lot.

A writer, named Lauren Lodder, who is also a mother of two, shared the most hilarious, yet relatable experience about the day she thought her car got stolen. While we bet she was probably not laughing when this happened to her, you just can't keep from giggling when you read about the incident.

One rainy afternoon, Lauren and her two girls decided to visit the bakery close to their home. She chose to take the car so they would not get wet. When her daughters started feeling impatient, she decided to cut their outing short and take them home.

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The next morning, her daughter woke her up, asking her where the car was because she wanted to take her purse. Lauren was surprised because, of course, the vehicle must have been parked in the garage. To her utmost horror, she went to check and did not see the car.

She immediately called the police who came by and got her statement. An hour later, the cop called her back and made a revelation that stopped Lauren in her tracks: The car was not stolen. She left it parked at the bakery. After the realization that she had probably put the officers to a lot of trouble, she tried to smoothen things over.

Ok, so I may have parked there yesterday and totally forgot. Listen, this has been a looong summer, and I’m doing the best I can.

We can only imagine how humiliated the mom must have been at the time. While it was a really funny story, it is certainly a great reminder of the importance of taking a break when you feel overwhelmed.

Source: Mommy Owl / Facebook

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