Mum Celebrates Her Daughter's First Year With Creative Monthly Photo Shoots


October 25, 2017 18:51 By Mambee

When you become a mum, you expect that a lot of things will change. But most of all, it's a given that you will not have as much time to spend on your hobby as you used to. Unless you incorporate your baby into that hobby. Which was exactly what this mum did.

Before becoming a full-time mum, Rosie Maxhimer was a very busy woman. The blogger and food stylist enjoyed creating arts and crafts and she was even capable of constructing homemade gifts that her friends loved.

Of course, like any other person with an artistic passion, she worried that she might not be able to make time for her hobbies after she had her baby. However, she soon realised that having a child gave her more motivation and even more material to work with.

Rosie was able to channel her creativity into projects she does with her daughter, Annabelle. The mother made sure she captured every month of Annabelle's first years in a truly awesome way.

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Each month, she would set up a themed photograph which she swore cost her less than $20. She even revealed that there were times that the whole photo shoot did not cost her a dime. She made use of props she found around the house such as towels (which she used as clouds), an old green sweater (which she transformed into a tree) and so on. She even admitted enjoying the process of scavenging for these bits and pieces.

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Rosie revealed that this was not just a way to let her artistic side shine, but it turned out to be a pretty cool way to bond with her little girl.

Rosie obviously did a fantastic job. We just cannot get over how incredible this photos turned out.

Source: Babble

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