Parents Share Funny Pictures Of What They Looked Like Before And After Having Kids

Parents Share Funny Pictures Of What They Looked Like Before And After Having Kids

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November 15, 2017 12:25 By Mambee

Being given the chance to parent a child is an honor and a blessing. But we cannot deny that it can take a lot out of you. Right from the moment you bring your newborn home, it becomes a learning and growing process both for you and the child.

Then just when you think you have figured it out, you're hit with the toddler stage. Sure, your kiddos are still cute and cuddly, but you also realize that you're running yourself ragged trying to keep up with their antics.

In fact, it can get so stressful that you may even age years in a matter of minutes and that's exactly the story that these parents want to tell.

It all started when Mike Julianelle, a blogger at Dad and Buried shared an Instagram post showing before/after comparison of how being a dad has affected his looks.

His post went viral and even encouraged other mums and dads to share their own side-by-side photos showing how parenthood has changed them. The hilarious challenge caught on on Instagram, to the thrill of its many users.

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Clearly, this mother underwent quite the transformation but we can't deny how sweet it is to see her child cuddle up with her on the picture on the right.

From rocking beautiful braids and fancy shades to unmade hair and no makeup, motherhood sure took its toll on this mum.

We can all relate to that look that tells the world that we have not slept in days. The little child is so adorable, though.

Wide-eyed and vigilant. The expression every parent with a toddler almost always has on.

Crazy eyes, sure. But there is just so much joy in the photo.

Yeah, some babies can get a little physical.

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It is quite obvious that these pictures were all in good fun. We bet none of these parents would trade their beautiful kiddos for all the freedom and fabulousness in the world.

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