Parents Share Their Best Hacks For Putting Together The Perfect Nursery

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November 10, 2017 20:49 By Mambee

A lot of thought goes into setting up your baby's nursery. It's not just the colours that should be considered but also the crib and all the other added furniture. Basically, you want it to be a nice, soothing space for your child while also making sure you as the parent gets the best out of it.

As a new mum, you learn a lot of tips (or shall we say, 'hacks') from other veteran mothers. Sure, you don't have to adopt every single tip but knowing what to avoid and what will be very beneficial is a good thing. You can learn how to make the most of the space you have and the items to purchase that will turn out to be extremely valuable.

Some parents shared some of their favourite nursery hacks with TheStir and we think you will appreciate some of their ideas.

Colour choice

A mum named Michelle realised that choosing soft colours like cream or grey can have a better effect than the popular pink and blue most parents go for. These soft colours will help the toys and all the other bright decorations pop. Well, we think this will make for a gorgeous and Instagrammable look.

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Invest in a convertible crib

Sure, they might be a little more expensive than the simple kind but a crib that can convert into a toddler bed will serve you for years to come. And it will definitely be worth it.

It's okay to go cheap on a few things

If you want to save some money after splurging on the perfect crib, then you should definitely cheap out on other items like onesies and washcloths as they are disposable. Your baby will not need those onesies for too long so no need to waste money there.

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If you are offered a secondhand item, take it

Such items like dressers should be gratefully accepted when offered. All you need to do is repaint and add some decor and it will look as good as new.

Clear plastic tubs are lifesavers when it comes to organising

You can store toys, clothes your baby has outgrown and other things in them. It helps create a cleaner overall look.

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Crib? Maybe not

Here's the thing, not every baby will enjoy sleeping in a crib and chances are, they will much rather prefer to sleep in their bassinets in your bedroom. So, if funds are tight, you can hold off on getting a crib and focus on other necessities until later. Trust us, your baby will not be able to tell the difference.

So, before making that list of things you need to buy, you might want to consider these tips from mums that have been there.

Source: TheStir