She Bowed: The Unexpected Thing Queen Elizabeth Did During Princess Diana's Funeral To Show Her Intense Grief

Date April 11, 2018

Following the death of Princess Diana on August 31, 1997, a public funeral was held in her honor. Over 2.5 billion people from all over the world witnessed this moment through their TVs and another three million were right there on the streets of London to pay their respects.


Princess Diana's sons, William and Harry, were at the funeral to say goodbye to their beloved mother. Members of the royal family in attendance included Diana's widower, Prince Charles, and his parents, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.


As Diana's coffin was carried past Buckingham Palace, the royal family members were there to say their final goodbyes. And in an unprecedented move, as the coffin reached her, the Queen of England bowed her head.

SM Celebrity / YouTube

Why was this such a big deal? First off, Queen Elizabeth is not required to bow to anyone because, in most cases, others bow to her.


This unexpected gesture is one that she does not show to anyone else, except, as many people witnessed, when it came to the late Princess Diana's corpse.


After Princess Diana's death, the Queen came under fire for how she handled the whole thing. People were not very happy with her, insistent that Diana's funeral should have been made private but Prince Charles wanted it to be a public event.

The then-British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, was also of the opinion that Diana's remains should be laid out at St. James’s Palace with a public funeral held at Westminister Abbey.

The Queen was criticized for her silence and her 'business-as-usual' demeanor after the death of the much-loved princess. Her action as she said goodbye to her daughter-in-law was aimed at sending a message that she was grieving Lady Diana's death and felt intense sorrow for her passing.