6 Brothers Welcome Their Newborn Baby Sister And Have The Sweetest Words To Say

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August 17, 2018 16:16 By Mambee

Six adorable boys are very excited to meet their newborn baby sister and you can tell just how special the moment is for them.

The family captured the attention of many a couple of years ago when a video of the mum freaking out after discovering she was going to have a girl went viral.

A few months later, Ruby Jane was born into a family with six older brothers. When her parents brought her home from the hospital, the boys were very thrilled to get to hold her. They even shared some of their thoughts on having a baby sister after all this time.

The News & Observer / Youtube

Thankfully Ruby Jane's parents were recording as each boy got to say something about the little girl. And the footage is just such a delight to watch.

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The News & Observer / YouTube

In the video which was shared exclusively with Newsobserver, 4-year-old Shepherd declares his love for his sister while her eldest brother expresses his shock and wonder that she is so small.

I didn’t even think babies were this little!

The News & Observer / Youtube

We imagine that being in a house with six boys as siblings will probably come with its own challenges, but one thing is for sure, the Lair brothers are ready to love and protect Ruby.

The News & Observer / YouTube

Just taking a look at the adoration on the faces of each of the boys tells you that the baby girl will be very well cared for.

The News & Observer / YouTube

And in case you're doubtful. 7-year-old Sawyer puts it clearly when he said:

She’s as precious as a ruby. And if I lost her, I would join the police force, and I would get whoever did it and probably lock them up in jail for 1,000 years.

The News & Observer / Youtube

A thousand years? Yikes! No one better try anything with this family's precious Ruby.

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Not only are they prepared to roll up their sleeves and take care of the girl, they are also looking far ahead to what it will be like when she starts dating.

The News & Observer / YouTube

In fact, 10-year-old Campbell already has a plan. He has a speech prepared for what Ruby must tell any guy that is interested in dating her:

Here, meet my brothers. To have me, you’re going to have to get through all of them.


Cher Lair / Facebook

This newborn is undoubtedly surrounded by love. We have a feeling that she will not have anything to worry about as long as her six brothers are in charge.

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