9-Year-Old Girl Missing Since 2016 Found Thanks To A Tip From A TV Viewer

Date September 11, 2018 15:45

With so many stories about children going missing for years, some never to be found, it's important to celebrate the ones that do come home. And that's why Mariah Martinez's story is capturing the attention of thousands of people.


The 9-year-old girl from Texas vanished in October 2016. She was finally found after a person watching a TV show gave the police an important tip. The little girl was featured on the A&E show, 'Live PD.' Mariah's story had made it into the documentary series that shows police officers on patrol.

A viewer of that particular episode called the cops with a tip about Mariah. It did not take long for the police department to find the child in New Mexico.

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The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children shared an update on their Facebook page, where they also thanked those who were instrumental in making Mariah's return possible.

Mariah and her siblings, Jeremiah and Leimiah, went missing on the same day. This was after a court order to take them from their mother's custody was secured. Before the order could be enforced, the mom and the children had disappeared.

Those who saw the video were worried for Mariah's safety. They expressed their concern and hope that the little girl would be found.

Jeremiah and Leimiah were found in January 2017, but Maria remained missing. The children's mother, Amanda, was arrested when the first two kids were recovered. It is not exactly clear where her case stands now.

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Many people were very pleased to hear that Mariah is back home with her family. Some shared their relief on social media.

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The police did not reveal any more specific details about the circumstances surrounding Mariah's kidnapping, where she was found, or what information they received from the viewer. It is also yet to be confirmed if an arrest was made in relation to the girl's recovery.

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