A Rescuing Hug: A Sick Baby Was Placed Next To Her Twin Sister And A Medical Miracle Was Witnessed

Date January 23, 2018

Some of the biggest medical breakthroughs occurred when someone decided to take a big risk and do something different. This is how we learn more about ourselves and what our bodies are capable of doing.

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We all know that getting a hug and affection from somebody can be calming and even emotionally healing, but medicine underestimated this power when it came to physical healing. However, all that changed in 1995.


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Paul Jackson was thrilled when his twins were born, however, they were 12 weeks premature and weighed 2 pounds.

Speaking to CNN in 2013, he revealed that, at the time, doctors told him that there might not be much hope for survival.

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Brielle and Kyrie were in the NICU for 3 weeks and during that time, Brielle got gradually worse. She had difficulty breathing and her heartbeat was racing.

One of the NICU nurses, Gayle Kasparian came up with an unconventional idea. After seeking permission from the parents, she placed Kyrie in the same incubator with her twin who was still fighting for her life.

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Her idea was to initiate skin-to-skin contact, a method that was used outside the US to treat preemies.


Kyrie seemed to sense that her sister needed her. She placed her tony arm over Brielle, an act which was described at that time by the media as a 'Rescuing Hug.'

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The result was almost instantaneous. Brielle's heart began to stabilize and her breathing became stronger. Kasparian told Telegram:

When I put Brielle in with her sister, it was amazing. She immediately calmed down. Her heart rate stabilized and her colour changed.

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Today, the twins are now all grown up and doing great,

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There do not seem to be any deficit resulting from their difficult start to life.

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Watch below to learn more about their heartwarming story.

At that time, medical practitioners usually kept twins and other multiples apart because they did not want them to get infected, thereby making their health worse. However, the situation with Kyrie and Brielle was historical and changed the medical perspective from then on.

Source: CNN / YouTube