Family Adopted An Elderly Dog Only To Realise She Had Cancer. Then They Created A Sweet Bucket List

Date January 22, 2018

When Melissa Davis and her family chose to adopt Kaylee the dog, they understood that they would not have her with them for very long. However, they later got THE heartbreaking news that she had cancer, meaning their time together was even shorter.

This did not stop the family from taking the dog in and giving her a home. In fact, they were dedicated to making sure her last days were absolutely amazing.

The idea to adopt an older dog came from Melissa's daughter, Raven, who was nine years old. According to the mum, Raven was sad when she learned that old dogs were often left to die unloved because families preferred to adopt younger dogs.

Melissa began to do a research on where she could find an old dog that needed a home. She eventually fell in love with Kaylee when she saw the adorable animal on the website for BARCS.

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When they got to the shelter, they were told that Kaylee suffered from some medical issues like a torn ACL, a urinary tract infection and kidney disease.

The Davis family did not mind the problems, they were just determined to give Kaylee a home for the next couple of years.

Unfortunately, the family veterinarian diagnosed Kaylee with thyroid cancer and they realised that they did not, like they thought, have years with their beloved dog. In fact, the vet estimated that Kaylee had only a few months to live.

They created 'Kaylee's Bucket List' where they recorded the things they planned to do with Kaylee. After checking the first item on the list, finding a family, they wrote down all the other things that Kaylee loved to do, most of which involved eating.

The sweet dog got a lot of treats, cuddles and countless belly rubs. Melissa recalled:

Then we’d snuggle into bed together. She always slept smashed up against me.

On January 15th, Kaylee passed away in her mom's arms.

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The family has since been trying to recover from Kaylee's passing but they have no regrets. They were happy to give the dog that special time. And they hope that Kaylee's story would inspire more people to adopt elderly pets.

Source: TODAY