'It Was An Answered Prayer!' New Mum Who Was Battling Cancer Received 8 Gallons Of Breast Milk From A Kind Nurse

Date January 24, 2018

A nurse's incredible act of generosity has been receiving a lot of applause. She stepped up for a mother who desperately needed help and offered her something valuable.

One day, Ashley Chestnut was breastfeeding her then-5-month old son when she felt a sharp, intense and excruciating pain in her shoulder and chest.

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"It was like hitting a freight train," the mother of two described to 3 News Now. She added that she could not move, breathe or talk and she was certain something was dangerously wrong.

She immediately put her son down and managed to crawl to the phone so she could call her mother and boyfriend.

The 30-year-old mom was taken to a hospital where she was later diagnosed with primary mediastinal B-cell lymphoma, a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma that commonly occurs in young women.

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Fortunately, it was discovered on time and treatment began to get rid of the two cancerous mass in her chest. She was relieved to discover that her prognosis looked good. However, she still had some major obstacles to deal with including coming to terms with the fact that she had to stop breastfeeding her son, Easton.

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This came as a painful shock to the mother whose son was intolerant to both milk and soy. She worried that finding a healthy formula would be a challenge.

However, a staff nurse named Jaclyn Kenney came to rescue. She was working on the same floor at Nebraska Medicine where Ashley was being treated for her cancer.

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Jaclyn has a daughter who was close in age to Easton and she had a stockpile of pumped breast milk. Her heart broke when she heard Ashley's story and she immediately knew she had to help.

I didn’t really think twice, I had a freezer full of breast milk, and I just went in there and asked if she’d be interested in having it.

Ashley was overwhelmed with gratitude at Jaclyn's kindness. God had answered her prayer, she said, as she happily accepted the nurse's offer.

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Jaclyn went on to donate up to 1000ounces of breast milk to Easton, which is roughly 8 gallons. This would last about a month and the staff nurse said she wouldn't mind making more donations in the future.

It was an answered prayer. As a mother, I want to provide my son with the nutrition he needs.

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Nurse Jaclyn was a real superhero to that family and we bet Ashley will be grateful to her for years to come.

Source: Babble