Library Dog Is Sad When No Kid Showed Up To Read To Him And Goes Viral In The Best Way

Date November 2, 2018

Twice a month, a dog named Sting has something he really looks forward to. He visits the Minnesota library and sits quietly as young kids read to him.

He has been doing this for two years as a participant in the 'Paws to Read' program.

The children's librarian, Ann Wahlstrom, explained to TODAY that the program is aimed at providing a fun learning environment for children to practice their reading skills with a dog.

During his visits, Sting usually spends about an hour there. Three kids spend 20 minutes each with him every time he came around.

However, this was not what happened at a recent Paws to Read session. Sting was there as usual, but there were no kids to read to him.

The dog's owner, John Muellner, shared a Facebook post on February 7 to appeal to people to come and read to the dog. He attached a picture of a forlorn-looking Sting that was sure to melt even the coldest hearts.

Unfortunately nobody signed up to read to Sting at the White Bear Lake library tonight. If you know of a 4 to 8yr old who would like to read to a dog. Please contact the White Bear Lake library by phone or their website about the Paws to Read program. Sting will be there Feb 21st 6:30 - 7:30.

It did not take very very long for the post to go viral. It was shared over 100,000 times and has received more than 23,000 Facebook likes.

As a result, the library's phone has been ringing off the hook as people from different parts of the country are volunteering to cheer the dog up.

Wahlstrom said that they even got calls from those who were ready to read to the dog over the phone. "It's just amazing," she said, adding that Sting has been booked through April.

So it looks like the adorable dog will not find himself lonely for a long time to come.

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