A Little Girl Vanished From In Front Of Her Home. Chilling Message On A Dollar Bill Found 19 Years Later May Hold The Key

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March 23, 2018 13:47 By Mambee

Mikelle Biggs was only 11-years-old when she simply vanished from in front of her home in 1999, and since then there have not been any tangible leads to solve the mystery of her disappearance - until now.

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It seems possible that a mysterious note scrawled on a dollar bill might provide an answer.

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On January 2, 1999, Mikelle and her younger sister Kimber were outside their home waiting for an ice cream truck when Kimber got cold and went inside. She returned only 90 seconds later to call Mikelle in for dinner but her older sister had vanished.


Her bicycle was lying in the street and the quarters she was planning to buy ice cream with were strewn about the road.

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Mesa Detective, Steve Barry, told ABC that they have received several tips since Mikelle's disappearance but they never really led anywhere.

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The latest tip that had investigators reopening the case happened very recently, 1,700 miles from Mesa.

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A resident of Wisconsin gave the police a dollar bill on March 14. The action was puzzling enough but what was shocking was the message written on the edges that referenced the missing girl.

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The bill had a 2009 manufacture date and its message read:

My name is Mikel [sic] Biggs kidnapped from Mesa Az I'm alive.


Apparently, the man who found it simply walked into the lobby of the police station and dropped it off. He said he found it in a money collection tin for Girl Scout cookies.

After taking a closer look at the note, investigators noticed a few things. First was the fact that Mikelle's name was spelled incorrectly. That made them believe that this clue may be illegitimate. But it begged the question, why would someone pick that particular case to make a joke out of. It was possible that whoever wrote it knew something about the case.

The fact that the dollar bill itself is nine years old makes it impossible to trace but detectives are not giving up. They plan to continue investigating in hopes that they find an answer.

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Source: ABC