Magnesium Helps To Boost The Immune System. Here Are 5 Foods That Are High In This Beneficial Nutrient

Date February 5, 2018

We all know that it's very important to eat a balanced diet. To keep our bodies strong and healthy, we have to eat foods that contain the right nutrient. But before you eat the right foods. you have to know where they are.

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Incorporating the correct amount of magnesium into your diet can boost your energy and help you maintain a healthy immune system.

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Sure, magnesium isn't really considered as a major class of food, but it does play a significant role in your overall health and body functions.

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A Harvard study found that taking magnesium-rich foods every day reduces the risk of diabetes by up to 33 percent.

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Keep in mind that experts recommend that adults get 380 milligrams of magnesium daily.

Let's take a look at some of the foods that offer these fantastic benefits.

1. Dark leafy greens

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This provides your body with vitamins and minerals. Go for baby spinach, collard greens, kale or Swiss chard.

2. Nuts and seeds

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Pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, cashews, pine nuts, flaxseed and pecans are wonderful options. Just be sure you take them in moderate quantities.

3. Dark chocolate

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One ounce of this delight will provide 11 percent of the recommended daily value of magnesium. It also helps to lower blood pressure and is beneficial to your heart health overall.

4. Avocado

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These are also quite nutritious and offer a lot of vitamins. They are heart-healthy and helps you fight diseases. They are rich in healthy fats so consider portion control when snacking.

5. Bananas

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These are also a great source of magnesium and potassium (great for bone strength). Other fruits that offer the same nutritional benefits include strawberries, blackberries, tangerines and grapefruits.

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As long as these foods are added to your diets, you'll be reaping all the benefits soon enough.

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