Man Reunites With His Beloved Cat 14 Years After The Pet Went Missing

Date March 28, 2018

After his cat went missing, Perry Martin had to give up on the idea that he would return someday. However, a big miracle happened when a veterinarian called him one day and told him that his missing cat, Thomas Jr. (or T2 for short) had been found. This was 14 years after the cat disappeared.

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Martin, a retired K-9 officer, couldn't believe it. The now 18-year-old tabby apparently wandered away in 2004 during Hurricane Jeanne. When the storm ripped through their hometown, T2 escaped through an open window. Martin searched for his feline buddy for months and when he did not find T2, he had no choice but to assume the worst.

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Earlier this year, T2 found his way to the Wadsworth family's front yard, looking thin and unhealthy. Mother of two Lisa Wadsworth immediately knew the cat needed help, so they did what they could for him. They would leave food out for the cat and play with him. They gave T2 a bath and showed the cat much-needed affection.

Lisa Truckenmiller Wadsworth / Facebook

They were unable to keep the cat permanently because of their family dog so they took T2 to a vet and planned to take him to the Humane Society afterward. Dr. Stanley Hopek scanned T2 for a microchip that helped vets and shelters trace an animal back to their owner if they went missing. Dr. Hopek found one on T2 and he was shocked to see that the cat's chip was almost 16 years old.

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Lisa Truckenmiller Wadsworth / Facebook

Three days after getting a call from the vet, Perry made the 40-minute drive to the shelter to reunite with his long-lost best friend. He described the amazing moment to TODAY:

As soon as I came around the corner and saw him lying in that cage, I knew it was him. When I reached down there to pick him up it was like, oh, heaven … the bond was there and it just took that to bring us both back together again.

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T2's story has inspired many other pet owners to get a microchip for their furry friends as not only does it keep track of them, it also contains up-to-date information on their health and history.

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Source: TODAY