Man Spends 38 Years In Jail For A Crime He Didn't Commit. He Is Finally Free And Goes Home With A Puppy He Raised

Date February 27, 2018 12:56

For nearly four decades, Malcolm Alexander was an innocent man in jail. In 1980, at the age of 21, he received a life sentence after being accused of rape. Malcolm insisted he was innocent then, a position he never wavered from throughout his years in prison.

But thanks to The Innocence Project, a nonprofit legal organization established in 1992, whose goal it is to free wrongfully convicted people, Malcolm is now free. Getting him the justice he deserved was not easy. In fact, the organization has been working since 1996 to get him out of jail.

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In January, a DNA evidence was what served as the final proof and the reason Malcolm was able to walk free from the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. He was 58 when he was released.

Malcolm did not walk out of jail alone. One of his highlights was reuniting with a dog he had cared for while he was in prison.

Innocence Project / Facebook

Little Innocent (Inn for short) is 9 months old. While speaking to CBS, Malcolm said he gave the pup that name as a way to symbolize both his own innocence and hers.

Malcolm obviously loved the dog very much. "(She) was born on April 22, 2016," he told TODAY.

I wrote the date on my heart. I can remember her birthday better than I can remember my own.

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He also said that he would often remind Inn that someday, they would be free. During the time they bonded, Innocent lived at the metal shop and woodshop which were Malcolm's work sites. He recounted that having a dog was a privilege he never took for granted.

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Malcolm said he was very angry when he was first convicted and incarcerated but he soon let go of all of that. Today, he's simply glad and looks forward to enjoying his remaining years. "I'm surrounded by love," he said while expressing his willingness to leave the past behind.

He also talked about how difficult it is to readapt to his environment considering the fact that when he was jailed in the 80's there were no such things as cell phones and so on.

His son, Malcolm Steward Sr., was only two when he went to jail. He's now 40 with a 20-year-old son of his own. The free man and his dog will be living with his son and his family until they find a place of their own.

Right now, he's working on finding a job and standing on his own two feet.

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Source: Today